Fuck You Batman Fandom!

This series deserves a better class of fandom.

Kindly suck my clown penis
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Ranting about the Batman fandom

ONCE YOU JOIN HERE, JOIN batmanholyland.


1. We do not talk about FYB.
2. We do not talk about FYB.

This community was created for the sole purpose of ranting about the various happenings in the Batman fandom that cause us to think/say "fuck you!" We want your drama here. We want your fanfic/Mary-Sue sporking. We want your pettiness and vendetta posts. Are you sick of seeing fics where the characterization is blatantly ignored (ala every Joker/OC fic ever)? If it's something that deserves a rant, post it.


We do not hate Batman; we love it. Overall, the fandom is great. Intelligent, creative people and wonderful fics and art. However, in every fandom, there are things that drive you crazy. This is simply an outlet for people who would like to state some of those things. None of the rants reflect the opinions of all members and the intention is not to offend.

If something gets out of hand, email me at screwyourbiopic@gmail.com or jasontodd@livejournal.com, do not make a post about it. Do not make a public comment about it. I will deal with it appropriately in the event abuse occurs.


1. Friends Only. All posts must be f-locked as to keep the drama within the community. We want this area to be as relatively safe as possible, given the circumstances.
2. You may name names, post direct links to the drama, etc. Even if I said not to, people would find it on their own. And besides, I'm curious as well.
3. This community will most likely contain subjects of an adult nature/profanity (I mean, look at the community name). If you have an issue with that, then this is not the community for you.
4. If you don't agree with a post, try to be civil. If not for the fact that "it's just the internet", then at least so you don't look like a moron.
5. No replying to other comments with "TL;DR." It's immature and, while I'll be the first to admit I do it at times, this community is meant so that you can elaborate if you want to. It is a ranting community.
6. Posts do not need to be strictly fanfic related. As I said before, anything involving fandom.
7. No advertisements. If you really want to post one, message me. Otherwise, your post will be denied.
8. Posts must be approved by a moderator. As soon as you submit it, it will enter in to the queue. If you are found breaking any of the rules or it doesn't fit the criteria of the community, your post will be denied.

-Mini Rants - Feel free to post anon rants and rants which you do not feel deserve their own post.
-Good Fic/Bad Fic - Post links to good and bad fic. Be sure to label it as such.


Stylesheet altered from milou_veronica.